The Knee Strength Maximizer System

If you have knee pain or want to prevent knee pain - The Knee Strength Maximizer System is a complete at home rehab system to give you healthier knees.

Here's what you'll get with this system!

  • BEGINNER rehab routine so that you can learn the foundation of knee rehab  - the basics of stretching and strenghening your knees 
  • An INTERMEDIATE rehab routine so that you can continue to build your strength after learning the foundation 
  • An ADVANCED rehab routine so that you can really maximize your knee strength 
  • Balance and core stability training so that you can to help the receptors in your knee adapt to walking on uneven surfaces (grass, rocks, sand, carpet) 
  • workbook so that you can understand what can be causing your knee pain and how improving strength, balance, and flexiblity are solutions to decreasing knee stress and pain 
  • Your very own at home physical therapist so that you can have coaching to help guide you toward healthier knees


The recording for this system has already taken place and is being edited. Pre-orders are being accepted now. Once all edits are completed the price will go up.

*Please note: this will be a digital product - you will be able to view it on any device - computer, laptop, iPad, tablet and iPhone 

$ 59.99
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